Cycling Adventures

I have come to the conclusion that cycling (MTB’ing included) is the greatest sport known to mankind.

After spending a weekend riding the trails and watching some of the country’s elite racers compete at MTB collegiate national championships, I realized that I am completely, unabashedly, irrevocably, in love with bicycles. I know, I know. I should have realized this a long time ago. But last weekend sealed the deal. Really.

Let me compile the evidence:

1. After Nationals, the only think I could think about for a week was Mountain biking.

2. I started looking up every single mountain biking club in Europe, so that I will have something to do in Sweden.

3. I counted the different types of bikes I desire in my head during Physics class (a full-suspension XC, a Downhill, a Touring, a Cyclocross, a different commuter…)

4. Although my roommate (another calcyclist) and I probably own more bikes combined than the rest of the house put together, we are still the only two who use the house-use bike.

Having a bicycle makes the world such a big, beautiful, open place.  It is the power to travel, to see places you would never see and things you can only experience on a bike.  It is watching sunset from the top of Papa Bear, timing yourself up Wildcat, and picking figs from the tree at the top of Euclid. It is quietly plodding your way up the side of a mountain only to be met by thrilling fear-of-death, fear-of-god descents down deserted single track. It is strapping a light to your helmet and  riding up a trail in the dark on warm autumn nights (or cold autumn nights) with a couple of other people who are just as crazy (if not more crazy) than you are. It is feeling like your lungs are going to explode, but then  you reach the top of Diablo and see the world spread out at your feet. Cycling forces you to be brutally aware of your own physical limitations.  and simultaneously  gives you the euphoric feeling that you can conquer the world.

That being said, I have signed up for two exiting future bike races. On Halloween, I will be participating in a 25-hour Mountain bike race with a squad from Berkeley. And then the big one: Vätternrundan, 2010: A 180-miler around the largest lake in Sweden, happening next June. And the best part is, I will be doing it with my cycling buddy Johanna, and we will be riding in to raise funds and awareness for “barncancer” (så som i Sverige) which means Childhood cancer. Better start baking those cookies to sell! And then there is the proposed bike ride Lund, SE to Oxford, UK (I know there’s water in between…).

Cycling is definitely the greatest sport known to mankind. End of Story. Period.


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