Moments: Touché, madam.

Yesterday morning I sat, as I have so many times before, hopelessly exhausted in a windowless room patiently waiting to take a Physics test. I was consciously controlling my breathing, in hopes of not repeating the time I nearly hyperventilated during a physics test, or the time I scathed my head so ferociously that I started to bleed. (Still, the worst physics exam side effect I have heard of is when one of my friends vomited directly after the test.)

The GSI walked in, hefting a thick envelope of the much-anticipated tests. And of all things, at that moment, I thought to myself:

“Isn’t the the exact same outfit he wore at the review session yesterday? Oh my God…IT IS!”

And then, that often barely-audible, tiny little voice inside of me, the voice of reason, piped up:

“Hey, aren’t you wearing the same shirt that you studied in for five hours and then slept in last night?”

“Yes. Yes, I am.”

See. This is what Physics does to good people.


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One Response to “Moments: Touché, madam.”

  1. cmcm17 Says:

    LOVE! Normal life does that to me sometimes …

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