Early Fall Exists…

aftertaste, afterthought..

Yesterday I saw autumn coming. Though it is still August, the light has adopted that amber quality, if only for a few brief moments just before the end of each day. The air feels warm but smells chilly.

Seculsion and angels exist; widows and elk exist;

every detail exists; memory, memory’s light;

The berry bushes are half-full of half ripe berries and half empty with the stems of ripe ones that have been plucked and devoured.

afterglow exists, oaks, elms…

In those moments of late summer early fall,  Inger Christensen’s words dance around inside my skull. I imagine her speaking Danish. She tucks the ends of words under the tip of her tongue, making the air vibrate with a frequency below the range of the English language, a frequency that somehow seems to resonate more deeply in this fading light. The sun slips lower, but afterglow still exists.

Inger Christensen is now dead. Earlier this year the poet passed away at 73. But in “Aplhabet,” Inger Christensen exists, in apricots and bracken, in dreamers and dolls and detached tufts of cancer, in my mind speaking Danish, Inger Christensen exists.


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4 Responses to “Early Fall Exists…”

  1. severnyproductions Says:

    writing tat reads like poetry. brilliant

  2. Sab Says:

    After taste after thought is so beautiful – thank you for sharing

  3. moxy-dad-amir Says:

    I do so love Inger Christensen’s work: Alphabet, for all its forbidding format has a lot of really haunting writing.
    IT I find too baggy to get my head around at the moment; but Buttertfly Valley etc (New Directions) also contains writing I don’t think I could live without.

    All hail IC!

  4. Längtan « the daily saga Says:

    […] midnovember a season when all human dreams are the […]

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