The planners that I designed for the Berkeley Student Cooperative have finally been printed. This is my fledgling adventure as an actual designer. To have something I created actually printed and made into something was an surreal experience. I think I held the planner for nearly a half hour, running my hands up and down its smooth cover, thumbing through its pages, and of course, picking out the flaws in the printing. Overall, I am happy with the way it came out. Not overjoyed, but happy. And also validated. Just a little. All those hours in high school spent photoshoping the heads of political figures onto the bodies of cartoon characters, when I should have been studying for physics? All of those hours spent clicking around frustratedly on Illustrator CS2, when I should have been learning another language or practicing the piano? All of those hours spent in graphic design summer school, when I should have been training for cycling? And finally, all of those hours doing the artwork for this planner, when I should have been (here we go again) studying for physics? Worth it. All totally worth it.

All those years with tongue positioned steadfastly in cheek? Validation level yet to be determined.

If you want a planner, and you live in the BSC, you can pick one up from CO any time. If you’re far away, but still want one, just shoot me an email and I’ll see what I can do. Also, see if you can find my name on the back cover. No, not the really obvious black text that was added after the fact (a garish detail, not included in my original design!). I signed it secretly. Good luck finding it. Hehe.


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