Bread: A Sourdough Story

Two bags of flour. eleven days. One goal: Sourdough Starter.

If that sounded very much like of the opening lines of the formerly popular TV reality show “Survivor” to you, then pat yourself on the back. You got my stupid joke.

But here’s what this is really all about, for the last twelve days, I have had a secret project on my shelf in my room. A cup of water and a cup of flour sat there festering, bubbling, rising and falling, taking my nightly feedings with glee. No, it I am not talking about some alien flesh-eating plant that I bought in China Town. I am referring to the king of all bread-making experiences: the creation of a sourdough starter. And finally on Day twelve it was ready to bake.

Here’s how it looked on day three:

And here’s what came out of the oven, on day twelve:


Golden delicious!

Here’s how I did it (based on the cheeseboard recipe!):

Day 1: 1 cup Rye flour, one cup water, in a ceramic or glass bowl. cover with an old cloth (I use a t-shirt). let sit at room temp, in a dry place.

Day 3: Feed your baby 2/3 cup water and 1/2 a cup of white flour. stir with a wooden spoon. Recover, let sit.

Day 5: reserve a quarter cup of the mixture, throw the rest away. return the 1/4 cup of reserved starter to the bowl and feed that voracious little monster 1/2 cup of water and 2/3 cup white flour. stir. recover let sit. (watch out for mold… eww)

Day 7: repeat day 5. Name your starter. Mine’s named Sherman Audrey III.

Day 9: repeat day 5

Day 10: repeat day 5

Day 11: You’ve made it! If you’re gonna bake right away (which of course, you’re gonna do), add 1.5 cup flour and 1 cup water, mix and let sit for 12 hours. Then you can use it for any recipe that calls for sour dough starter! but remember save a quarter cup and replenish a la day 5.

Cheeseboard says you can keep your starter in the fridge for ever, keeping it alive with monthly feedings (like the ones on day five). The older, the better, I’ve heard.

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2 Responses to “Bread: A Sourdough Story”

  1. Cmat Says:

    I think making sourdough starter seems like a very difficult task … argh! I’m impressed Awielle. And btw, I am the biggest supporter ever of the title of your blog — it is clever and perfect! Two more things: 1. I am a little sad that you did not name your starter Audrey III, and 2. sometimes my dad makes fake sourdough by including yogurt in his bread, if you are ever interested 😉 bisous bisous

    • tornspira Says:

      Well, at first I wasn’t certain it was Cmat, as in the Cmat I know, but then I saw the “Awielle” and that confirmed my suspicions!

      1. Thanks for your approval of my blog name. I thought of one for yours, sort of. ‘The City of Dreaming Spires’ That’s oxford’s nickname, you know.

      2. I am considering renaming my starter Audrey III. In fact I think I will do it right now. It’s official. Audrey III it is.


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