Street Music


An unlikely find, although in Berkeley the “unlikely” is a whole lot more likely than it is in most of the rest of the world.

I came across this perfectly balanced, purple plastic recorder (like the one you so passionately played ‘Hot Cross Buns’ upon in fourth grade) the other day. It seemed so natural, as if it belonged there upon the giant water hose spigot sticking out of the side of the apartment building, even though there was no logical reason for it to be there at all. I like to imagine that some roaming Berkeleyan musician has  placed  hundreds of fluorescent  plastic instruments around the city so that he can wander about and play them at his whim. So next time you hear the familiar strands of ‘Hot Cross Buns’ wafting lyrically down an alleyway…

The purple recorder could also be taken symbolically: is it a sign from the universe that I need to pursue a career as a street musician? Seriously, folks, after my Physics exam today, street musicianship has gotten a whole lot more consideration as a future career option, as I am clearly not cut out to be a top-of-line scientist. I think I ‘ll break out the old clarinet tonight…


2 Responses to “Street Music”

  1. Sab Says:

    Makes sense a recorder would show up, music and the arts are calling you.. had a good laugh, remember how you used to play two recorders with your nose, maybe it belongs to Pan?

    • tornspira Says:

      Maybe you are right? The world knew I was talented when I could play two recorders at once(one in each nostril…)

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