A Quantum leap…

Physics yesterday morning went a little bit like this:

Professor (abreviated): Infinite square well…finite square well…dirac function…fourier…

Me (in my head): I wonder what’s happening in the Tour de France. I bet they caught that breakaway. I wish I was at the Tour de France right now.

Professor: step potiential… transmission…e to the i k….

Me (in my head): why am I not at the Tour de France right now? what am I doing here? I want to leave. I should just leave. why am I studying physics again? Oh my god I am being sucked into the vortex of the boring and unadventurous dulldrums of the rest of my life. I wish I was studying literature or something else equally useless but infinitely easier. But I must bear my own cross. So this is how it gonna be, huh? Cruxifiction by science. Alright, better try to pay attention.

Professor: (pointing) so does anyone know what that expression is? Anyone?


Me: I think I know, it is the energy of the ground state of a finite square well. But I don’t want to say it. No one wants to say it because we all want to be at the Tour de France right now. Tomorrow’s the TTT…dang! Pay attention Arielle!

Professor: particle…v-not…h-bar…energy

Me: (singing in me head) Do you hear the people sing!? Singing the song of Angry men?! This is the Music of a people… (singing ends) I wish I was part of a student revolution against a corrupt government, intertwined with fantastic stories about triumphing over injustice and the everlasting power of true love. sigh.

I think I really must be at least partially a lost cause as a physicist. Oh Science, you can take my mind and body, but you can’t take my heart!


2 Responses to “A Quantum leap…”

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    […] a half hours away, how far I’ve come since my summer two years ago spent suffering through Quantum Hell, and how Chukman’s poor craptastic tank of a mountain bike had aspired to more than it was […]

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