Pizza Madness


Pizza madness: one of the several good kinds of mild insanity. We spent around $25 and fed around 10 people, with a lot of left overs. And as you can see, it was freaking delicious. Too good not to brag about.

Crust: Cheeseboard recipe (whole wheat. all whole wheat)

Topping: home made marinara sauce, store-bought pesto, mushrooms, olives, caramelized onions, yellow and red cherry tomatoes, fresh basil, and chevre goat cheese.

Pizza making music that we listened to while chopping stuff: The Chieftains (this is the secret ingredient.)

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One Response to “Pizza Madness”

  1. codeninedesign Says:

    Hey, cool pics of the pies! Have you ever considered posting a recipe for your dough or sauce for the masses to try out?

    If you’re looking for some more fun pizza info, check out my pizza blog at:

    Hope to see some recipes soon!

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