Well, here we are. It is a new day.


Hello, all. At the risk of sounding rather trite (a risk I’m willing to take) today is a new day. Today is a new day mainly because I have figured out this whole wordpress thing. Sort of. I thought I new what I was doing before, since I use wordpress to post on the Daily Cal Arts Blog, but setting it up yourself is a whole new barrel of monkeys. I started but attempting to install and host wordpress myself, with which I was mildly successful. I was able to make the localhost server, create a database for wordpress, and then launch a blog. I am still working on changing the URL and publishing that blog to the web, but I am not sure if I need an outside web host to do that or if I can do it myself. I hope that I can do it myself, because I really would like to be able to host my own blog and design the template for it and everything like that. But for the time being, this will be my blog—one of the free ones hosted by wordpress. As you can see, it is called the daily saga (all lower case because it makes my blog that much cooler) and it dances on the borderline of ridiculous

Why does someone like me need a blog? Well, I don’t really. Who actually needs a blog, besides people whose opinions actually matter (i.e. the type of people who don’t usually have blogs)? I just wanted one. The internet may have been built for things like improving communication the sharing of information, but at the heart of it, it is all about self-gratification. Note to self: you have a blog now, so consider yourself gratified.

What will this blog be, you may ask? Truth is, I don’t really know. I’ll probably just start by posting thoughts, comments, and observations about my day. And of course I will recount all of my epic sagas. Maybe occasionally I’ll post one of my Daily Cal articles. Or a bread recipe or something. Sounds great, right? Wrong. If your reading this right now, I suggests you go outside and run around. Or ride a bike. Unless of course you have already done that today. Then, by all means keep reading.


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